San Francisco Promo Shoot {Part Two}

A few weeks ago, I posted part one of the San Francisco promo shoot and now, I have finally caught up with myself to post part two of this fabulous shoot. I can’t really explain the day in words other then it went flawlessly. Stacey and Kenny arrived as the first couple to be photographed. The moment they walked in, I knew they were going to be amazing. Stacey’s personality was bubbly, outgoing, and down for anything (just like me). Kenny was a photographer himself which made it very easy to work with him. The best part though was that their connection together was infectious. In fact, they probably thought I was being totally wacky because I was seriously falling in love with the connection they had together…lol! Seriously, I could have worked all day shooting with this couple. Not did we all have such a great time working together, but the lighting was beautiful, the scenic surroundings were breathe taking and the overall experience was unforgettable. Really! I was able to spend the entire day doing what I love and working with some amazing people…What more could a girl ask for!!

Before sharing part two of this amazing day, I must first give out a HUGE and special thank you to all the amazing vendors who participated in this project. First and foremost to Anton with Lorimerworks for his amazing video talent, La Boutique De Bride in San Francisco for providing the beautiful wedding attire, the fabulous people at the Kunde Winery {If you ever visit the Sonoma wine country, you MUST stop by this gorgeous winery), and of course the amazing couple Stacey and Kenny for being such a great sport and knowing how to rock it out!


  1. Love this session! Looks amazing!

  2. How sweet! I love your photos – absolutely beautiful!

  3. Great shots, love the almost kiss one. The whole tone of your photographs is lovely it totally enhances the love!

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